Applications of optimum structural design

Applications of optimum structural design
Zaragoza, Spain
Jul 5 1993 - Jul 6 1993



J.S. Arora (University of Iowa, USA)
A.B. Templeman (University of Liverpool, UK)
G. Thierauf (University of Essen, Germany)

Sponsored by the European COMETT II Training Program this course was carried out to show the practical use of structural optimization to engineering professionals. Throughout the sessions, formulations of optimum structural design problems and their different mathematical methods for resolution were discussed. The importance of sensitivity analysis was emphasized followed by some practical examples in the field of mechanical and civil engineering. Finally, the current situation of commercial products of structural optimization was mentioned. The course was given by professors from various universities; La Coruña (Spain), Liverpool (UK) and Iowa (USA).

  • Monday 5th
    • 10.00 Formulation of Optimum Design in Structural Engineering
    • 11.00 Mathematical Programming Methods (I)
    • 12.00 Coffee break
    • 12.30 Mathematical Programming Methods (II)
    • 16.00 Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Structures
    • 17.00 Design Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization in Nonlinear Structures
    • 18.00 Coffee break
    • 18.30 Methods of Global Optimization
  • Tuesday 6th
    • 10.00 Applications of Optimum Design in Civil Engineering (I)
    • 11.00 Applications of Optimum Design in Civil Engineering (II)
    • 12.00 Coffee break
    • 12.30 Applications of Optimum Design in Mechanical Engineering
    • 16.00 Multiobjective Optimization
    • 17.00 Introduction to software packages for numerical optimization
    • 18.00 Workshop
    • 19.30 End of the course