Advanced methods of dynamic calculation of structures

Advanced methods of dynamic calculation of structures
A Coruña, Spain
Jun 25 1996 - Jun 28 1996



E. Alarcón (U. Politécnica de Madrid)
M. Casteleiro (U. de La Coruña)
J.J. Corbal (U. de La Coruña)
J. Miquel (U. Politécnica de Cataluña)
F. Navarrina (U. de La Coruña)

Knowledge of structural dynamics focused on architecture and engineering has nowadays become more and more important. This course was aimed to describe the present-day situation of the structural dynamic calculation methods using the most advanced techniques. The theory of these techniques and associated computational aspects were explained as well as the commonly used commercial products in the professional world such as SAP90 and COSMOS/M. The document contains many examples of wind and seismic loads, and general dynamic loads applied to structural finite element models of construction, bridges, fluid storage deposits and dams, etc.

  • Tuesday, 25
    • 16:15 Presentation of the course
    • 16:30 Dynamic equilibrium of structures: Concepts associated
    • 17:30 Types of loads and dynamic actions
    • 18:30 Coffee break
    • 18:45 Systems with n degrees of freedom
    • 19:45 Numerical techniques for obtaining frequencies and vibration modes
  • Wednesday, 26
    • 09:30 Description of the program SAP90
    • 10:30 Description of the interfaces SAPTIME and SAPSPEC
    • 11:30 Coffee break
    • 11:45 Practice with building structures (I)
    • 12:45 Practice with building structures (II)
    • 16:30 Practice with bridge structures (I)
    • 17:30 Practice with bridge structures (II)
  • Thursday, 27
    • 09:30 Graphical interfaces. Description of the program GEOSTAR
    • 10:30 Description of the program COSMOS/M
    • 11:30 Coffee break
    • 11:45 Applications for shell structures (I)
    • 12:45 Applications for shell structures (II)
    • 16:30 Application to concrete dams (I)
    • 17:30 Application to concrete dams (II)
  • Friday, 28
    • 09:30 Systems with soil-structure interactions
    • 10:30 Combisystems fluid-soil-structure
    • 11:30 Coffee break
    • 11:45 Nonlinear dynamical systems (I)
    • 12:45 Nonlinear dynamical systems (II)
    • 13:45 Closing of the course and diploma awards
    • 14:15 Front end