Practical applications of non-linear structural analysis

Practical applications of non-linear structural analysis
A Coruña, Spain
Jun 24 1997 - Jun 27 1997



M.H. Aliabadi (Wessex Institute of Technology)
M. Casteleiro (U. de La Coruña)
I. Colominas (U. de La Coruña)
J.J. Corbal (U. de La Coruña)
F. Navarrina (U. de La Coruña)
V. Navarro (U. de La Coruña)

Structural analysis in engineering and architecture has commonly been based on linear analysis models. However the enhanced capacity and speed of computers and the improvement of non-linear structural analysis programs has enabled us to use different types of non-linearity with personal computers. During this course, non-linear analysis theory was discussed as well as associated computational aspects and commercial products such as SAP2000, COSMOS/M and BEASY. The document contains practical examples for professionals such as structures of construction, bridges, liquid deposits, dams, tunnels, fracture mechanics, etc.

  • Tuesday 24th
    • 16.15 Presentation of the Course
    • 16.30 Elastic instability. Buckling (I)
    • 17.30 Elastic instability. Buckling (II)
    • 18.30 Coffee break
    • 18.45 Nonlinear materials
    • 19.45 Models of lamination structures and soil mechanics
  • Wednesday 25th
    • 09.30 Numerical methods for treatment of nonlinear problems (I)
    • 10.30 Numerical Methods for treatment of nonlinear problems (II)
    • 11.30 Coffee break
    • 11.45 Description of the program SAP2000 (I)
    • 12.45 Description of the program SAP2000 (II)
    • 16.30 Practice with building structures
    • 17.30 Practice with examples of foundation
  • Thursday 26th
    • 09.30 Graphical interfaces. Description of the program GEOSTAR
    • 10.30 Description of the program COSMOS/M
    • 11.30 Coffee break
    • 11.45 Practices of concrete dams (I)
    • 12.45 Practices of concrete dams (II)
    • 16.30 Practices with tunnel works (I)
    • 17.30 Practices with tunnel works (II)
  • Friday 27th
    • 09.30 Practice with bridge structures
    • 10.30 Practice with shell structures
    • 11.30 Coffee break
    • 11.45 Introduction to fracture mechanics
    • 12.45 Practice with the program BEASY
    • 13.45 Closing of the course and diploma awards
    • 14.15 Front end