Advanced Technologies in structural engineering

Advanced Technologies in structural engineering
A Coruña, Spain
Jun 22 1999 - Jun 25 1999



M. Casteleiro (U. de La Coruña)
R. Mateo (ENDESA)
F. Navarrina (U. de La Coruña)
D. Vegas (NECSO)

The objective of the course was to show the participants some of the most advanced computer applications in structural engineering, multimedia software for the maintenance of structures. During this course computer tools to monitor security tracking of cooling towers of a central thermal power plant was presented. Other topics are the followings: Virtual laboratories; the experimental methods can occasionally be substituted for the combination of digital images with animations showing structural solutions under dynamic loads. Optimization of structures; a rational alternative to the common design methods is to use optimization techniques that guarantee the best possible design under required restrictions.

  • Tuesday 22th
    • 16.15 Presentation of the course
    • 16.30 Wind loads on cooling towers
    • 17.30 Structural analysis and safety in cooling towers
    • 18.30 Coffee break
    • 18.45 ASESTOR: multimedia software for control of diseases of cooling towers
    • 19.45 Application of multimedia technologies to the Thermal Power Plant in Teruel
  • Wednesday 23th
    • 09.30 Shares big wind in vain bridges
    • 10.30 Experimental aeroelasticity. Wind tunnels
    • 11.30 Coffee break
    • 11.45 Aeroelastic Instabilities (I)
    • 12.45 Aeroelastic Instabilities (II)
    • 16.30 Aeroelastic studies of the Ting Kau Bridge in Hong Kong
    • 17.30 Constructive aspects of the Ting Kau Bridge in Hong Kong
  • Thursday 24th
    • 09.30 Loads and effects of earthquakes on structures
    • 10.30 Digital visualization of seismic responses and aeroelasticity structures
    • 11.30 Coffee break
    • 11.45 Formulation of optimal design of structures
    • 12.45 Optimization methods
    • 16.30 Sensitivity analysis
    • 17.30 Optimal design of metal sections
  • Friday 25th
    • 09.30 Optimal design of bridges (I)
    • 10.30 Optimal design of bridges (II)
    • 11.30 Coffee break
    • 11.45 Optimization of precast prestressed concrete beams
    • 12.45 Current status of structure optimization software
    • 13.45 Closing of the course and diploma awards
    • 14.15 Front end