Computer aided optimum design of structures VIII

C. A. Brebbia
M. E. M. El-Sayed
Computer aided optimum design of structures VIII
339 pags.
WIT Press

The biennial conference, OPTI2003 was held in Detroit, Michigan (USA) in May 2003 for a group of design optimization engineering specialists. This edition was hosted by the University of Coruña (Spain), the Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) (UK) and the Kettering University (USA).

The book contains some of the best presentations on the variety of applications where optimization techniques can be applied at the moment. In fact, the problems described in the text cover a wide range of fields such as mechanical, automobile, civil and naval engineering. Some of the workds included not only the design aspects, but also maintenance and structural protection issues.

Moreover, the book includes several contributions showing the new numerical techniques of great efficiency.