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Advanced techniques on design and construction of cable supported bridges

This document contains information of a course given in Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia ) in April, 2003. Throughout the sessions, a historical evolution of suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges along with their present status are discussed. Then the design review of each of the elements that make up these structures is done along with the current examples of constructed bridges. Structural analyses of bridges are emphasized as well as aeroelastic study, especially their stability against wind action.

Cable supported bridges: design, analysis and construction

Cable supported bridges are one of the most complex typologies and constitute a subject of great complexity in structural engineering. They are able to cover great distances and enable their creators to provide solutions where there are great geographic obstacles. This course contains a complete view of cable supported suspension bridges and actual status of the conceptual design and its elements. Likewise, it describes the actual methods of dynamic and aeroelastic analyses and multidiscipline techniques which combine structural analysis, design optimization and computer animation.

Optimum structural design: fundamentals, software & engineering applications

In all engineering problems, designers try to find efficient solutions which meet a set of requirements. Using optimization techniques engineers can obtain the best solution within those imposed restrictions. The structures designed in this manner are safer, more reliable and economical. At the present time, structural optimization has vast practical applications in different engineering fields.

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